Motorcycles and motor vehicles

Insurance, technical examination and registration of new personal vehicles during the lease time

Necessary documents for new personal vehicle registration:
1.  The original of R-1 invoice (issued by supplier)
2.  Statement of conformity for vehicle (issued by supplier)
3.  Car liability insurance
4.  Two registration forms (received after the technical examination)
5.  Leasing Contract (copy)
6.  NCA – Notification on business entity classification (copy, Alfa Leasing)
7.  NCA - Notification on business entity classification (copy, lessee)
8.  Registration authorization


Insurance and registration of used, saloon and demo vehicles in lease procedure

Necessary documents for registration of used, saloon and demo vehicles:
1. The original of two R-1 invoices.
2. Invoice of the registered owner and last owner.
3. If the registration is valid, liability car insurance is necessary and in case of retaining current registration plates it is necessary to make a note on all existing invoices: “We renounce registration plates in favor of buyer”.
4. If the registration is not valid, traffic license and vehicle registration papers must be signed off.


Registration and insurance

Every motor vehicle must have a car liability insurance and no fault insurance in accordance with General Leasing Conditions.

Prior to registration and insurance expiration, our employees will send you a written notification and reminder.

The notification will have instructions on how to register or prolong the registration and insurance policy.