Frequently asked questions

Leasing Law that came into effect at the end of December, 2006, clearly defines what is leasing service and who and under which conditions can offer it. Even though leasing is not a mystery for many people anymore, we offered answers on frequently asked questions.

In principle we finance everything that is set forth on pages of operating and finance lease through authorized saloons of our partners. When it comes to financing accessories there are no limitations, but it is necessary to state if it is not a standard form of accessories (for example, placing of freezer). For all further information contact your sales representative, our branch-office or contact us directly.
Legal persons must have a proper business activity for at least one year and must have financial solvency. The same applies to craftsmen, but for previous two years for natural persons payslips or reimbursing list for past 3 months will suffice. Exact list of documents for certain forms of financing can be checked here.
In accordance with our Tax Law and depending on the type of leasing, the lessee is granted all the rights determined by Tax Law.
After paying all installments and redemption value of 150 EUR, as a part of finance lease , the lessee can become the owner of the leased object. Such possibility is not an option in operating lease which represents a form of business lease.
There are two ways. One option is that Alfa Leasing, that has agreements with insurance partners, does it for you, or you can do it yourself properly and in accordance with General Conditions. If you do it yourself, you must meet requirements from General Business Conditions. In both cases it is possible to transfer credit notes with valid confirmation or policies.
In accordance with provisions of the contract, the contractual agreement is ended, while it is important to know that all investment goods have adequate insurance policy.
In finance lease with standard provisions the down payment makes 20% of leasing object value with VAT, in operating lease the deposit makes 20% of leasing object value without VAT.
Leasing as the modern way of financing is not familiar with classic interest rate, but measured with coefficients. 

Of course, it can be recalculated in rates. In accordance with new Leasing Law, the lessor is obliged to transparently state all possible costs in leasing contract. 

So the coefficient or interest rate, contract costs and even equivalent interest rate (real incurred cost). 

If the leasing will be more favorable from classic forms of financing, it depends on the market state, actions, potential lessee state and similar. In any case, leasing represents a very flexible way of financing in which, thanks to deposit, ground payment and other values, it is possible to tailor right interest rate for every lessee.

It is definitely a business strategic decision so it is recommendable to get an advice from tax consultant or accountant.
Leasing object can be operated by persons that are stated in Contract provisions and which have adequate authorization.