Leasing is becoming increasingly popular

The abolition of taxes on monthly rations caused a positive reaction.


Due to circumstances, financial leasing is much closer to a loan.


Here is an article from "AutoKlub-a " 5.04.2010.


Until several months ago, cars were nearly 70 percent of cases bought on credit, but due to new changes in laws leasing has become more accessible to ordinary citizens who now have an excellent alternative to a loan conditions are easily affordable in most leasing companies, a large number of customers last year jumped fleet renewal.

After the first January this year abolished tax on interest on monthly installments Financial leasing has become more lucrative to ordinary citizens. Although not a drastic amount, this measure is certainly welcome.

Until now this method of financing was more cost-effective legal persons, and all customers who have refused to VAT as input tax. Now the situation is comparable, in practice, the average amount of leasing of 20,000 euros monthly rate will be lower by around ten euros. Because of this choice is made leasing more accessible to ordinary citizens, it is obvious that credit financing when buying a car now has an excellent alternative.


Operating slowly dying out

According to estimates by experts in the domestic market, when buying a car even 70-odd percent of the customers decide on the loan, while the leasing and cash payment decides only about thirty percent. Because of the mentioned changes, this ratio will soon be able to change in favor of leasing.

Unlike the financial, operational leasing is for a long period of great enigma for most customers. In fact, most leasing companies it is completely eliminated, and some houses were significantly increased interest rates in order to eradicate it slowly.


Still in the shadow of credit

Regardless of the improved conditions for leasing, as compared with conventional loan, the latter still offers something more acceptable conditions. With less disposable costs during implementation, loan fraud at the same time become the beneficial owner of which you are opening the possibility of selling the car early. However, in favor of leasing go less interest that person or entity agreed upon contract.

The abolition of VAT on monthly rations and reduced interest rates in most leasing companies are an excellent start to strengthen the popularity of leasing.

All necessary expenditures during the contract
 The cost of processing contracts  (Administrative costs) amounting to approximately 1% of the leasing of vehicles
 The cost of vehicle registration  shelf auto liability and comprehensive insurance policy
 Interest  depending on the lease
 Notary public  debenture 50 kn